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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I like big boats, I cannot lie.

Couldn't resist doing an Isabela (Dragon Age II) sketch card. She's such a party staple for me that I don't even bother playing duel-wielding rogue myself, though that's usually my class of choice. By the end of the game Isabela is flitting around the field from enemy to enemy, dealing out 100% (or more) critical damage and one-shot killing almost everybody. She kicks all of the ass! Sure, she's a thieving liar- umm, she's a pirate- but she's got a heart of gold lurking in there and she redeems herself nicely. Err, that depends on how you play, I suppose...but no matter what, she's sweet to Merrill and Bethany and she never fails to make me laugh.

Basically, my friends, if you don't think Isabela is as super awesome as I do, then I don't know what we have left to say to each other.

For more of my sketch cards, make with the click-click!


Anonymous said...

haha, i love isabella too! she's awesome. I'm on my second play through now and am trying to earn total friendship - don't think its gonna happen!


John Bem said...

I'm working my way through Dragon Age II, which is much more awesome than Dragon Age I (although with over a 100 hours in DAI, there must be something to it, too). One of my favorite characters also is Isabella. Who doesn't like a pirate queen? I just finished a part of the game where she suddenly absented herself. I'm very curious as to what that's all about. I'm also curious why so much of the junk loot I'm finding in DAII is torn trousers. Why are there so many pairs of trousers, and why are citizens taking the time to stash them in crates and barrels? Kirkwall is a strange place indeed.

Stacie Ponder said...

Your relationship level (how close to friend OR rival) with Isabela determines what happens next!! After that, there are a few different outcomes, as well.

I love those little random fetch quests, where you find something and return it (magically knowing to whom these things belong, I guess...)- especially when it's somebody's REMAINS. Like, you drag a corpse or skeleton around Kirkwall, go up to someone, and say "Here, look what I found! I think you lost this!" and they give you 50 silver. It's so weird. :D

Anonymous said...

LOL @ John, yeah I wish the game would let you wear the "torn trousers" wtf? I'm so used to just hitting x and "taking all" that i end up with tons of junk like that.
Stacie - I'm keeping up hopes that she comes back by the end of the game!


UntrainedMonkey said...

"...but no matter what, she's sweet to Merrill and Bethany and she never fails to make me laugh."

And that is exactly why she is pretty much a permanant member of my party.