The will likely be spoilers, but should I talk about something super new I'll warn ya. But consider this a pre-emptive warning! You're WARNED!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

do want

I'm pretty much anticipating Final Fantasy XIII-2 know...YES I actually liked the first game. I'm not drooling over it since my two favorite characters from FF XIII- Fang and Lightning, duh- are ancillary this time around. I think Lightning is playable, but no one is really talking about Fang and this worries me. It WORRIES ME. Someone tell me everything will be okay!

Still, I'm going to get FF XIII-2 when it's available and when I can. I think a nice way to get it would be in bundle form with this limited Lightning-flavored PS3, don't you? Yes, I think we can all agree on that.

I don't have a PS 3, so clearly this option is in the best interests of all (me).

All my coveting has brought to mind CONSOLE WARS. Where do your loyalties lie in the console wars? Personally, I'm a free agent. Every system has its advantages and drawbacks, but dang, y'all- I just want to play games, and so I'd love to own every system.

I have a friend who was SO into Sega back in the Genesis days (and the 32X days and the Sega CD days and Saturn days and the...mmm, I don't think she had a Dreamcast) that she adopted an "us vs them" attitude with regards to Nintendo. I see it all the time on message boards and the such- Sony fanboys (and girls) bashing Xbox, vice versa, and everyone bashing Nintendo. I don't get it. I'll admit, when Xbox first came out, I rolled my eyes- but this is because I'm a Mac girl, and I was all "OH WHAT BILL GATES NOW YOU HAVE TO CONTROL GAMING TOO", which is really stupid. And you know what? A lot of games I wanted to play came out on Xbox, so when I could...I got an Xbox.

And I love my 360, no doubt. But man, I want to play Uncharted. I want to play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories with a motion controller. This means yes, I want a PS3 and a Wii. I want to play PC games, so yes, I even want a PC that can handle them. I follow the games! I'm not going to deny myself great gaming experiences because of some ridiculous loyalty to Microsoft or Nintendo or whatever. Everyone's pretty!