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Monday, April 18, 2011

get here already!

I'm already excited about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have played through an hour of the forthcoming game and have listed 20 reasons to be excited about it, so now I'm even excitedier. I mean...

7. The world is so much more alive. You’ll see packs of wolves hunting mammoths, you’ll see fearsome beasts such as giants wander by without bothering you because they’re off on other business rather than being mindless killers, you’ll see friendly passers-by running up to you with a sword you dropped earlier and offering to return it – or taking a pop at you with it if they have some reason to despise you.

8. Conversations with NPCs no longer involves an awkward zoom-in to their strange faces, a fixed perspective and an ugly text box. Now, it’s clean, sharp text floating directly onto the screen, and you’re free to look around as you please. Much of the incidental conversation, such as back stories, can be had while going for a stroll with a character as they chat away ambiently, rather than standing there clicking through text from a static position because you’re worried about missing something.

Oh November, why must you be so far away? There's no way Skyrim is going to be anything less than epic. I know that word is overplayed, but if there's ever a time it's appropriate, it's...well, when talking about Skyrim.

"He doesn't like you...I don't like you, either."


John said...

THIS IS SO COOL! Forgive the caps but I know no other way to express my EAGERNESS!!! I can't wait.

I love the "strangers coming up and giving you back items you dropped earlier." In Oblivion, my character was on the road changing armor and cleaning up my inventory, so I have a bunch of items laying around. Some dude on horseback came by and YOINK! took my armor! jerk. True story.

Yes, I would almost forego summer just for November to get here.

Also, is it wrong to shout, 'SKYRIM!" in mid-coitus?

Anonymous said...

This does look pretty sweet :)