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Friday, April 8, 2011

BioWare, JUST TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY. It's yours.

So, I've yet to read the Mass Effect 3 cover story in Game Informer, but excerpts have been helpfully posted on The Internet. I'm trying to avert my eyes because I really don't want to be spoiled, but I couldn't help myself. I must say, the info has (not surprisingly) given me every boner in the world, and I'm not sure how I can wait, like, six friggin' months for this game. ME3 and ME2 spoilers after the photo!

Got my new Game Informer, read the ME3 article. Game starts with Shepard on Earth, effectively on trial in regard to the events of Arrival, and in the middle of the trial, the Reapers invade. Prologue involves Shepard's escape to the Normandy, and off to start finding those allies, fighting Reaper troops (husks of all the different species) the whole way.

Confirmed squadmates: Liara, Ashley/Kaiden, Garrus (if he's alive) and... James Sanders... That must be the guy from the trailer, I don't remember.

Speaking of which, there's a screenshot of Ashley with her hair down, and she actually looks hot. Don't have a scanner, so wait till someone with one turns up.

Confirmed to appear, but not guaranteed as squaddies: Wrex, Mordin, Legion, and Anderson. Obviously, if they live.

The game will by default feature a "previously on Mass Effect" comic to make decisions with if starting from scratch.

The Illusive Man also plays a prominent role, and Cerberus is out to kill Shepard. Reason why is unknown at this point.

The RPG elements are being beefed up, not going back to ME1, but giving more freedom with the character skills. Skill trees will be larger, and powers will evolve several times instead of just once, offering even more freedom. Weapons are ME2 style, with a set list, but mods make a return, not in the ME1 style, but allowing you to swap out different parts such as barrels, scopes, and so on, which effect both the weapon's combat performance and its appearance.

All classes can wield all weapons unhindered now, but will have limited slots to carry them. Only the Soldier can carry all weapons at once. Probably means Adept, Engineer, and Sentinal will be limited to two, and Vanguard and Infiltrator will have three.

Also mentioned: The game will have numerous endings, some good, some bad, and who you have in your squad and which allies you recruit can have a drastic effect on which are available.

That's basically the gist of it, except for the sidebars filled with stuff everyone already knows.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention one thing: Confirmed NO MULTIPLAYER. They're talking about future games and/or spinoffs having it, but not this time.
What's weird to me is that guy on the GI cover. That can't be Shepard, because, I mean, he looks nothing like the lady I played through Mass Effect 1 & 2...

Also, James Sanders is likely the dude in the teaser trailer, and I'd assume he's related somehow to Kahlee Sanders, a major player in the Mass Effect novels. Not...umm...that I read them. That would be weird.


Hey look, that teaser trailer I was talking about!


UntrainedMonkey said...

Hoping that Jack gets confirmed further down the line...

John Bem said...

This info is simply dripping with awesome sauce. Thanks for the update Stacie.

Stacie Ponder said...

I like Jack, too! They've left out most of the ME2 squad, I noticed...I was hoping for Samara again, too. And they haven't mentioned Tali, but there's no WAY they'll leave Tali out- although she may end up in a non-squad role, like on the Quarian Admiralty Board or something.

I'm psyched for Liara's return as a squadmate...many people don't like her, but in my team setups she generally kicks ALL the ass.

This game is going to be so incredibly epic I can hardly stand it! :D

Sean Belcher said...

Yeah, it's odd they don't have more confirmed from the MEII squad. Probably more down the road. I want Kasumi and Thane back (provided he survives), dammit!

Last three mos of the year are going to be painful on my bank account - Uncharted III, Arkham City and MEIII. It's both wonderful and tragic at the same time.

Picky Mama Scholar said...

Sweet, I can run my Kaidan/Garrus/Soldier Shep again! Sounds good all around, so far. :D
I love the post title. I'm pretty sure I've said the same thing at least once lol.