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Friday, September 29, 2017

News You Can Use

I recently spoke with the fine folks over at Achievement Oriented about Night Trap and scary video games and more, and I think it was good? You'll have to listen and tell me. I always go into a kind of fugue state when participating in these types of things, like I talk and my soul leaves my body and I keep talking and my soul looks down and is like "GIRL STOP YOU'RE LOSING THE PLOT" but I just keep going and then when it's all over I have no idea what went on or where my pants ended up. HASHTAG BLESSED.

And if that's not enough vidya games for ya, I also ranked Resident Evil games by their number of platform appearances over at Kotaku. It's kind of a post for Resident Evil nerds, aka it is a post for me.

If you want to follow my posts at Kotaku, well all you have to do is get yerself one of those Kinja accounts, visit my profile, and follow. Easy, breezy, something something! I've got some good horror content planned for October (the most wonderful time of the year), so I hope to see you over there.

I'm playing Destiny 2 and it's quite good, quite. Not as much of a time suck as the first go 'round, that's for sure. Many quality of life improvements, definitely some questionable changes. Of course, the game isn't "finished"–I mean, the game's story wrapped up, but as we all know there's a shit ton of content in the pipeline, expansions and the such. This is not a review of course, I am just saying. I'll probably write something a little more involved soon but right now I'm so busy I can't even finish this senten