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Monday, February 21, 2011

Yes, I love Mass Effect

I know, that's BIG NEWS. But really...I've had art on the brain lately and thus, art coming out of my hands lately (or, to be more precise, art coming out of whatever implement is in my hands), and the latest thing I done did is a card of Jack (aka Subject Zero) from Mass Effect 2 during the escape from Purgatory. Here it be, hot off my desk!

My personal website is undergoing...mmm, technical difficulties at the moment, so I can't point you to my batch of Mass Effect cards, which are posted over there. What I can do, however, is re-post them here! That, my friends, is the power of computers.

I love (most of) my Mass Effect 2 companions, but...sniff...I miss (most of) the OG gang.

Nerd out.


tetheredhawk said...

Okay, so I've been reading your stuff consistently since I ran across Final Girl about two months ago, and to say that I enjoy your sites would be a gross, nay-- PUTRESCENT understatement. I've been trying to hold off on commenting like ten times a night (shift) due to having nothing super interesting to say, but the camel's back just broke, dude. I don't want to write a freakin' novel in your comments section, though, so I'll just say that, though I try to keep my blog focused on art, Final Girl inspired me to try a review of Tron:Legacy, which you can read, if you like, because I mention Mass Effect in it. And I'll stop myself there. If you click my call-sign it's the first post. Yay! And thanks for making me laugh my butt off when I really needed it. Also, you are a fantastic inker, coming from someone who wishes they were. I was really surprised. Okay! I'm done! Final Girl FTW!

kenchan13 said...

Mass Effect 2 has been consuming my every waking moment as of late. I just exited the Collector ship last night and my jaw is still on the floor.