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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Man, that's professional LARPing

YOU GUYS I decided to post something abut Dragon Age today, which is totally weird, right?

See, the thing is, Dragon Age II is so close now, I can't think of much else. Well, I mean "much else" in a gaming context. I don't mean that I'm sitting on the edge of my bed, staring at the wall, forgetting to eat and making a mess (yes, that kind of a mess) because I'm dreaming about Dragon Age II.

Okay, maybe I mean that a little bit. But really, I mean that I've tried to play other games lately, but they don't seem to work out for the long haul. I'm all, "Metro 2033 I like you and all, but you're not Dragon Age. I think maybe we should just be friends because let's face it- when March 8th rolls around, I'm dumping you anyway."

As the release date draws nearer, news items are posted on The Internet with frequent frequency and this does not help quell my fever. A snippet of gameplay here, a screencap there and I'm taking to my fainting couch.

Today's unexpected DA news (well, unexpected by me, anyway) is that a live-action webseries called Dragon Age: Redemption is coming.

The six episode series is written by (and starring) Felicia Day, known to most folks as the mastermind behind the hit webseries The Guild. Redemption will follow the story of elven assassin Tallis (Day), as Dragon Age-y stuff on a "quest to capture a renegade magician".

I haven't read much of the fan reaction to the announcement, but I'm sure that the idea of translating a beloved game property into a live-action series has plenty of nerds all ten kinds of up in arms. The opportunity to be up in arms, after all, is why The Internet was invented. This nerd's arms, however, are down. Or sort of down, I guess, since I'm typing. Why? Not only because The Guild is proof of her writing abilities, but because Felicia Day plays the GD game and she loves it. Over at USA Today, she opines: "[Mass Effect and Dragon Age], bar none, are my favorites now. The storytelling in games has gotten so sophisticated. I'm a huge fantasy novel geek, too. Dragon Age really is like living a novel." It would seem to me, then, that her enthusiasm for the game series will translate to the web series. What's not to look forward to? I mean, there are going to be elves and shit! This is only a good thing.

Of course, Morrigan disapproves...but then Morrigan disapproves of everything.

Mind you, the fact that I greatly anticipate Dragon Age: Redemption doesn't diminish the fact that I'm completely envious that Day got to write a Dragon Age webseries. I'm dealing with it.


John Bem said...

Based on your ethusiastic recommendations, Stacie, I am now deeply addicted to Mass Effect 2 (no XBox, so no part one for me). After I beat ME2, I'm going to venture into Dragon Age land, starting with whatever the first one is (Origins, I'm assuming). Also, I've enjoyed Felicia Day ever since I saw her on that Dr. Horrible show, so even though I'm not familiar with the world of Dragon Age (yet), I'll definitely check out her new show. Thanks for the various heads-up about all of this wonderfulness.

Stacie Ponder said...

Oh man, that's so cool! What system are you playing on? I'm guessing PS3 from the "no part one" comment. If so, I understand there's some sort of interactive comic thingy that takes you through all the major decision points of part one? Wondering what that's like.

Dragon Age is essentially Mass Effect, the fantasy version. :D I think you'll like it! The main difference is that instead of one character's story (like Shepard in ME), you choose from one of six origin stories and create your character from scratch. The party characters in DA are much more fleshed out than those in ME, I think.

Anyway, woo hoo! :D

John Bem said...

Stacie, yes indeed, PS3 is my platform. The Dark Horse comic is a nice synopsis with a small number of decision points. It's sort of like a "last time on Mass Effect" roundup of highlights. I've owned ME2 for a week now and have almost 30 hours in it and I've only recruited a portion of my squad. I love the vast array of side missions and exploration options. I love the visuals too. I particularly love the Codex and its insane wealth of detail about every planet, society, weapon, piece of armor, etc. Overall, ME2 is like playing/reading a deeply rich and fully engaging science fiction novel. I've definitely decided, on payday one week from today, to get into Dragon Age. It may sit on the shelf for a while until I beat ME2, and after that DA2 may sit on the shelf for a while until I beat DA, but I eagerly look forward to all of these worlds of wonder to explore. Enough blather, off to the wage mills now. (I may need to forego ME2 tonight because I've got a Final Girl Film Club entry to compose.)

Stacie Ponder said...

The information is what kills me, too. It doesn't usually have an effect on gameplay, but my lawd...the amount of detail and work that's been put into creating these worlds is insane. Dragon Age is the same way.

I'm've got a lot of awesome gaming ahead of you! :D

Stacie Ponder said...

Oh, a ME2 easter egg worth a chuckle (errr, if you're immature like me)- head to Uranus and do some mining. :D

John Bem said...

Stacie, as soon as I can I will probe Uranus. Thanks for the tip! :)