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Friday, February 25, 2011

Atari 2600 box art

Talking about the loverly box art for Haunted House the other day got me jonesin' to check out and post some more Atari 2600 I did! Man, even Tic Tac Toe looks cool.


John L. said...

I love the liberal definition of what constitutes "video games". "66 games in one box of Asteroids? Wow! WHAT A DEAL! Yet Space Invaders still makes me think it's a rip-off!"

They're even more verbose than I am when it comes to spelling out the number of players the games support too. Looks like Warlords made 'em flinch though. I wanted to see:


These days, all that info is in a 6pt typeface on the lower half of the back of the box. :)

(My neighbor actually had 3-D TIC-TAC-TOE back in the day. You know you're jealous.)

Koompa said...

I feel like video game and even movie box art is a lost art. Now it's all just the same photoshop template over and over again: cut out some of the main characters and paste them against a backdrop of random shit happening.

Anonymous said...

I played the shit out of adventure!! I'm not sure why though - I don't recall anything ever actually HAPPENING. Just a lot of running around, lol.

Anonymous said...

That Breakout cover is really intersting. Are they saying the little white line is actually an astronaut slapping grenades or something back at the rainbows, or is he just observing the whole thing from his space-walk? A lot of them have that great Indiana Jones hyper-detailed-colored-pencil kind of feel to 'em, which I miss seeing on posters these days. What a great style.

CashBailey said...

I guess Atari was like The Asylum of its day.

The cover art promised so much but the actual content delivered so little.

Anonymous said...

Wow - this brings back memories... Of being disappointed that none of these looked anything like what was on the box!

Brad said...

I love Atari art and games,Atari games were challenging