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Monday, February 7, 2011

totally scientific

Hey, game-players or people who do not play games: take part in my Curiosity Questionnaire by answering these questions in the comments. If you want. Could be fun. Maybe.

Curiosity Questionnaire!
  1. What's your favorite game genre (RPG, FPS, etc)?
  2. What's your favorite game of all time ever ever EVAR? Just one game. ONE I SAY.
  3. If a game features moral you generally play it good or evil?

  4. Do you play more than one major game at a time? Or play a game 'til its conclusion then move on to the next title?

  5. What's the first video game you remember playing?
  6. Which systems do you currently own/play?

  7. Do you participate in online gaming?
  8. Are you a release-day purchaser? Do you trade in games and buy used?
  9. Are you more a console gamer or a PC gamer?
  10. Do you play any "casual" games, such as the Zynga titles on Facebook (Farmville, Whateverville)?

Hooray, Curiosity Questionnaire!


Turnidoff Productions said...

1. RPG's


3. Always good. I tried evil in Fable and just couldn't do it!

4. One at a time. I tried multiple games and it ruined the fun for all of them

5. Pac Man. Seriously. At a bar. I was eight.

6. NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, XBOX, XBOX 360

7. I really liked EQOA for the PS2. That's about it though.

8. Only on some games. I remember taking 9/09/99 off of work so I could buy and play FFVIII.

9. Console

10. nope. I need total consetwasion.

Anonymous said...

1. Favorite game genre: RPG, w/FPS a close second
2. Favorite game of all time: Final Fantasy VII
3. Good or evil? Good, because it makes my tummy feel icky to be mean…except when my female elf rogue in Dragon Age: Origins slept with that goober Cammen and totally rubbed his girlfriend’s nose in it afterwards. Heh. That was awesome.
4. Do you play more than one major game at a time? I’m playing three games now, but usually only one at a time.
5. First video game? Combat for the 2600 (it stuuuunk)
6. Which systems do you currently own/play? PS3, PS2 (put away for now)
7. Online gaming? Nope
8. Release-day / trade in games and buy used? Buy used (although broke down and preordered Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2)
9. Are you more a console gamer or a PC gamer? Console
10. Do you play any "casual" games, such as the Zynga titles on Facebook (Farmville, Whateverville)? Nope

John L. said...

1. Shooter. (Used to be FPS, but I prefer cover based 3rd person now.)
2. Doom 2
3. I ALWAYS play as the good guy.
4. More than one at a time, else I tend to rush things.
5. Combat on the 2600.
6. 360/iPad/PC/PS3, in about that order.
7. Yep, but primarily in parties of people I know.
8. I try to be as frugal as possible for new stuff, but don't care at all for the used market. I NEVER trade in.
9. Console. My video card crashes my system on the more intensive games. (i.e. SC2) :(
10. No Facebook stuff, but I'll play me some Pop Cap games.


Missy Y. (formerly A Case of You) said...

Holler. I am not an *avid* gamer, but I enjoy myself a game from time to time, so I will answer your Qs. See below.

1. RPG, mofos.
2. Final Fantasy 7
3. I play it good. I have no idea why.
4. I have always jumped back and forth. For instance, if I am playing Zelda: Twilight Princess, I will play that for four hours, and then I will sit around playing Mario Party by myself with the opponents on easy because sometimes Zelda makes my brain hurt.
5. Ms. Pacman, but I am pretty sure I played something before that.
6. PS2, GameCube, and Wii
7. No, ma'am
8. I like to wait until games can be purchased used. It's just too expensive. In fact, I don't follow closely enough to know when shit is released.
9. Console, 100% of the time.
10. Every time someone plays Farmville, a kitten gets its legs broken.

gord said...

1. Favorite game genre: RPG, be it turn based or 3rd person actiony with some RPG elements (Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Red Dead Redemption)

2. Favorite game of all time: Resident Evil 2

3. Good or evil? I've never played a good or bad game only once, but I choose Evil first.

4. Do you play more than one major game at a time? Yes I do. Different games/flavours for different moods. Though if a game is truly addictive, I'll blow through it alone (Dead Space series)

5. First video game? Mario 2.

6. Which systems do you currently own/play? Almost equal rotation between 360, PS3, PS2, PS1, PC (either old adventure games, or new shooters)

7. Online gaming? Only when my brother is in town and we both feel like playing Call of Duty together. But never anything else.

8. Release-day? Trade in or buy used? For big games I do buy release day, though I'm selective. And I do buy used, though usually PS2 and below since used current games can still sometimes be pricey.

9. Are you more a console gamer or a PC gamer? Currently console.

10. Do you play any "casual" games, such as the Zynga titles on Facebook (Farmville, Whateverville)? Casual...hmm not really, certainly no Facebook games. Though I have purchased and love the game Flower on PSN. It's a great little game where using the motion function of the Dual Shock you control the wind to blow flower petals around and spread their joy through fields. It sounds lame, but it's addictive.

gothamite66 said...

1. Shooter
2. Left4Dead (silly but I love it)
3. Usually good though on occasion my evil twin emerges
4. One game till I reach the end then on to the next one on my bucket list
5. Good lord I'm going to date myself - Galaga at the arcade
6. Currently xbox 360 and occasionally PS3.
7. No. I may like playing games but I totally suck at them and don't care to embarrass myself to the imaginary masses.
8. I'm too poor for release day purchases. I wait till I can get them used.
9. Console
10. I hate to admit it but I play "Mafia Wars" but I don't share/post/whatever on my profile/timeline etc.

Craig Blamer said...

I play infrequently, but still...

1. FPS

2. I’ve a weird affection for the old PC game, The Thing:

3. Oddly enough, good.

4. One at a time.

5. Does Pong count? The first console game was Legend of Zelda. Which was also my first clue how much time can disappear while playing...

6. I have a Mac. So my gameplay is limited.

7. No.

8. No.

9. PC

10. I spent some time on MafiaWars, until it sank in how much of a Skinner Box it was.

Joel said...

oooh FUN!

1. Favorite game genre: RPG
2. Favorite game of all time: Xenogears
3. Good or evil? Usually good first time around, evil second time.
4. Do you play more than one major game at a time? Yes, and usually on different consoles so I don't have to switch what's in. Something on PSX, something on DS.
5. First video game? Metroid
6. Which systems do you currently own/play? NES, SNES, PSX, DS Lite
7. Online gaming? Nope
8. Release-day / trade in games and buy used? Buy used
9. Are you more a console gamer or a PC gamer? Console
10. Do you play any "casual" games, such as the Zynga titles on Facebook (Farmville, Whateverville)? Nope. Unless Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training counts?

Alysandher said...

1. RPG, specifically older western computer RPGs.

2. Planescape: Torment.

3. I vastly prefer games where the moral choices aren't binary. That said, if I have to pick I'll always always play good.

4. I tend to do one game at a time, but that's because I'm poor.

5. Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel. One of the computers at my elementary school had a copy of it. It was a lot of fun.

6. Playstation2, Gamecube, PC.

7. No.

8. Right now I get most of my games from the awesome sales on Steam and Good Old Games. If I play a console game, I always go used.

9. PC.

10. I play flash games online pretty regularly.

Dan said...

1. FPS

2. Half-Life 2

3. Good

4. No more than one major game at a time.

5. Pong

6. PC (Currently playing games on). I also own a PS2, Gamecube, Playstation and Nintendo 64 but haven't played games on them in quite some time.

7. Yes.

8. Release days games from Steam. Otherwise, no. No to used games.

9. PC Gamer

10. Occasionally the casual flash game if mentioned on a blog to check it out. Otherwise, not really.

CashBailey said...

1. Survival horror

2. FINAL FANTASY VIII (It's better than VII. Yes, I said it!)

3. Good. Playing evil makes me thing my game will end suddenly and in a most unsatiosfying manner.

4. I'm not too good at juggling games. mainly I play one until I complete it or get sick of it.

5. SPIDER FIGHTER on the Atari 2600. That game was like SPACE INVADERS on meth.

6. An XBOX 360 (currently red-ringed) a PSP (unplayed for about three years) and a kick-ass PC.

7. Played a little WoW and some CALL OF DUTY online. But I'm not hardcore enough to be competitive in any way.

8. Very rarely a first-day buyer. I'll usually wait till the price comes down or buy used.

9. If I can get it on the PC that's my preferred plaform.

10. The most 'casual' game I've ever played was probably PUZZLE QUEST.

11. Oh, there's no question 11? I was just getting into it...

Jaakko said...

1. Survival Horror
2. As Resident Evil 2 has already been mentioned, I say Rule of Rose.
3. Good guy, unless it's too much of a hassle.
4. If I get bored with some game, I may play another for a while, but otherwise no.
5. Does Snoopy Tennis count? Might've been Pac-man, too, can't remember.
6.Playstation 2 and Xbox360.
7. No.
8. I'm not a release-day buyer, money's too tight. I sometimes buy used games.
9. Console.
10. I used to, but then I got bored

Synonymous said...

1. RPGs, specifically JRPGs, though I haven't played any of the recent console ones.
2. Phantasy Star II.
3. Ehh, I don't have much fun being a jerk.
4. I try to concentrate on one game at a time, but I haven't had much luck with that recently. I'm tending to lose interest before the end and switch to something else.
5. Arrrrrgghhh...the lousy Pac-Man Atari conversion over at my first-grade best friend's house? I know that wasn't the first game I played, but it's the first specific title I remember.
6. Mostly DS. I have a PSP, but I bought that for one game, and it sees precious little use. I have a few Steam titles on PC.
7. I enjoyed what I played of Lord of the Rings Online, but it was just so much of a timesink.
8. I'm rarely a retail-*year* purchaser. Whenever I've traded in my old games, I've regretted it. Except for Contact on the DS. Fuck that game and its ending.
9. I guess I'm mainly a handheld gamer these days.
10. I play Flash titles once and again, but not anything with regularity.

Robert G. said...

1. FPS
2. No One Lives Forever
3. I always opt for Good. I've been conditioned by plenty of old-school adventure games from my youth where a bad choice at the beginning could make the game unwinable hours later.
4. I play more than 1 major game at time.
5. Atari 2600 Combat
6. PC, Wii, Nintendo DS & the above-mentioned Atari 2600
7. Not too often these days. Although I played Team Fortress 2 for about a year straight when it came out.
8. I am too cheap to buy games right when they come out. I'll wait a few months for markdowns or buy used.
9. PC Gamer
10. Yes, mostly PopCap games on the PC (and their "Blitz" versions on Facebook) and puzzle games on the DS.

gord said...

Ok, so so far out of 14 responses I'm the only one to pick evil when it comes to morality. And not only that, but whereas I'll play both eventually, it sounds like most scoff at the idea of ever giving their NPC counterparts the cold shoulder. Ya'll know they're not real people right? :P

I understand the limitation of the choice (ie. bad="no shut up piss off die", good="yes please tell me more about your sidequest that I can do") but this is just weird.

Gordon Walsh said...

1: RPG(s)
3:Middle of the road, to the exclusion of any potential rewards either extreme would have produced
4:Never can not be playing Peace Walker now, so yes.
5:The in-table Pac-Man found in pizza parlors in the late 80's.
6:Wii, PS3, DS, PSP
8:Release Day, never trade in, buy used. In that precise order.
10:No, no I do not.

Ben Newman said...

1. horror in any format (eg fps/rpg etc)
2. SH2...of course!
3. good the first run through, bad the second if i can be arsed to play it again.
4. generally just the one.
5. horace goes skiing.
6. xbox360, wii. I've got a ps2 and a gamecube as well but they rarely come out.
8. I trade and wait for prices to drop.
9. console all the way.
10. no

Alice said...

1. Favorite game genre: Survival Horror

2. Favorite game of all time: Yikes, it's a fight between GTA IV & Resident Evil 4. They both saw me stuck indoors with the curtains drawn on beautiful summer days...In a fight situation, I think Niko would kick Leon's ass, but that doesn't help me decide.

3. Good or evil? Evil. Surely that's what those moral choices are for? Plus in Fable you get to grow some awesome horns and your dog turns into a beast which is obviously WAY cooler than being all namby pamby angel boy. That's not to say I haven't had my dilemmas between two buttons, but I always land on the evil.

4. Do you play more than one major game at a time? Nope, I'm the same with books, can't concentrate if I'm running two together.

5. First video game? 'Heimdall' on the Acorn computer! It was spread over 6 floppy disks.

6. Which systems do you currently own/play? PS3, xbox, gamecube.

7. Online gaming? Nope. Steer clear of MMORPG's after having 3 close friends disappear for months due to WOW. I don't trust myself. My boyfriend has an xbox live account and spends hours killing
n00bs on COD but I don't see the appeal of that myself. I also don't have the skills to hold myself up against online gamers.

8. Release-day / trade in games and buy used? Buy used, trade in after a game is finished unless it's likely extra content will become downloadable, or it always gets played, like L4D. Release day if it's something I'm particularly excited about.

9. Are you more a console gamer or a PC gamer? Console. If I owned a PC it would be different.

10. Do you play any "casual" games, such as the Zynga titles on Facebook (Farmville, Whateverville)? No, why use your time for those when you can play something that's actually amazing?

Nowtas said...

1) Survival Horror, Puzzles, Strategy.

2) ICO.

3) I’m a goodie.

4) More than one at a time, often leaving so long between visits to a game that I’ll be near the end of it without any memory of how to control the characters, what the setting is when it loads, etc.

5) Pettigrew’s Dairy (text/top down scrolling action-adventure game on the Acorn Electron).

6) DS (no, not Dsi or DS Lite), PS2 and a PS. Old school (well, middle-aged).

7) Barely, and without much enthusiasm.

8) No, rarely, rarely.

9) Console gamer.

10) Annoyingly, yes. I do get caught up in bloody Farmville sometimes. I’ve tried other such games and can’t really get into them.

Anonymous said...

I'll note that I'm not an avid gamer. :)

1. Shooters, I guess. And survival horror.

2. Oh, man, so hard to choose. But, really, I'd have to say The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I must have played that game a couple dozen times.

3. Usually good.

4. I don't play often but my tendency is to play a game until it irritates/frustrates me and then I might move to another and cycle between them. But usually I'm pretty game monogamous.

5. As with many here, it's probably the old school Pac Man. Or possibly Galaga. I love those space monsters.

6. I own a PS2 and a Gamecube. Lately I'm doing more PC gaming though; I just don't play enough to spend the money on a new system. I love Steam.

7. Sometimes, but that is mostly a social thing with me so I play the games my friends are on.

8. Really not a release-day purchaser. Though I may make an exception with the new Bioshock.

9. PC, right now.

10. PopCap games, FTW! :) I like Plants vs Zombies and Zumba. Oh, and a friend bought me Puzzle Quest, too.

TheKungFuProfessor said...

01. Anything 3rd person (God Of War, Prince Of Persia, GTA, Silent Hill, Assassins Creed...)
02. GTA Vice City, I bought a PS2 just for this
03. Like the hoes in Mardi Gras Massacre, EVIL!
04. One new game at a time, with oldies being played too
05. Missle Command (2600), Rock 'N Rope (Arcade)
06. PC & PS2
07. Online poker
08. Not anymore
09. Used to be a console gamer, now I just buy the odd PC game from steam (might get a PS3 if old Tony Hawks, SSX and Silent Hill are given the HD treatment)
10. Angry Birds, great for a quick gaming fix.

DrGuano said...

1. RPG

2. Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen

3.Good in the first go 'round, then evil

4. Typically I'll play one major game, then add in a little flavor in between with games like Peggle.

5. Venture for CalecoVision

6. Atari, SNES, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS

7. I do play online now that I finally got a xbox live membership. WOO-HOO!

8. I hardly ever buy on release day, I do, however trade in and buy used.

9. Console gamer all day long

10. Nope.

Koompa said...

1. FPS, but I'm really not into the online thing. I'm in it for the single player experience so Half-Life, Portal, and Bioshock or anything along those lines.

2. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. An incredibly imaginative and fun hidden gem. I hear rumors it'll be re-released for download.

3. I play good, but if I can do something bad (steal, cheat, lie) and get away with it I will.

4. If I'm playing a game for the first time I go all the way through. Right now I'm just jumping back and forth between my favorites.

5. I remember getting hooked on Twisted Metal 2 at my friends house. Playstation became my first system.

6. I own a PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube while my 360 has been getting most of the love lately. I haven't gotten around to getting a PS3 or Wii, but I have friends that own them.

7. A buddy talked me into playing Halo online with him. He insisted on playing an elite 'one shot and you die' game mode. Waaaay too stressful for me to enjoy.

8. I never have time to go out and buy games as soon as they come out. I've only bought a handful of rare gems used.

9. I'm console right now but I used to be PC. I really really really miss my PC games.

10. Aside from the occasional quirky Flash game, nope.

Poli said...

1) RPG, totally.

2) Hard to say. Maybe Super Mario RPG?

3) I usually try to mix it up. Make some good choices and some bad ones. I like to think of most of my characters as amoral, although I do have some that are 'good' or 'evil'

4) I play several at a time. This has bitten me in the ass before.

5) Super Mario Bros on the NES

6) Xbox, PlayStation2, PC, Super Nintendo, and N64

7) Yes. Avid World of Warcraft fan.

8) Release day for some, 'wait for it to get cheaper' on others. I never trade in games, but have no prolem buying used.

9) Mainly PC at the moment (WoW again, plus The Sims 3 stealing hours of my life)

10) I tried FarmVille and ESPNU College Town, but neither really worked for me. However, I may just give Oregon Trail I try once it is on FaceBook. I miss dying of dysentary.

Michael Ricketson said...

1. Anything that lets you build!
2. Favorite game- Adventure Construction Set (IBM PC)
3. Good.
4. Generally, one game at a time
5. Target Fun (the Sears version of Air / Sea Battle)
6. PS3, Xbox 360
7. Online gaming: rarely
8. Not a release-day buyer. Trade in games only rarely.
9. console
10. no casual games

John Bem said...

1. Favorite genre: third-person adventure, like Tomb Raider and Uncharted.
2. Favorite game ever: Crazy Climber. This was an arcade game long ago. You had to scale a building, avoiding windows closing on your fingers, falling flower pots, swooping birds, and even a giant ape. If I'd ever see one of these again I'd be in heaven.
3. Moral choices: good, although I'll do the occasional evil replay. Eating those crunchy chicks in Fable, though, was really upsetting.
4. One game at a time or I get the controller configurations confused between games, then I end up shooting an ally instead of opening my backpack or something.
5. First game I remember playing is Space Invaders in an arcade.
6. I currently own and play Playsatations 2 and 3, and Wii.
7. I played WoW for about a year before it got repetitious and boring. I indulge in a little online Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, but otherwise not so much.
8. There are certain key titles, such that I will buy on release day, but I usually buy used. I do trade games and have made some awesome deals that way.
9. Consoles are my primary mode of play.
10. I do play casual games. I'm hooked on Angry Birds and I have a strange fondness for hidden-object games.

Amanda H. said...

1. Either platformer, fighter or RPG. Picking just one...platformer.
2. Crash Bandicoot Warped
3. I haven't played a whole lot of games with good/evil choices because I find they are EXTREMELY polarized: you either get the GOOD ending with everybody skipping through a Disney meadow or the BAD ending with everybody either dead or hating you. Balance would be nice.
4. I POGO in between if I get stuck.
5. Mortal Kombat II or Eternal Champions at my Auntie Denise's house
6. Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, and a PSone
7. No
8. Trade in or buy used. Sure I get excited about a new game coming out but I know the chances of buying it new are slim so I wait to see the reviews
9. Console, only really because I'm used to it and my computers never have enough memory for a huge-ass game.
10. I play Bejeweled every once in a while or a Flash game version of Mah Jongg but that's about it.

John L. said...

The moral choice question reminded me of something. Has anyone here ever played Urban Dead, the (free) zombie game? I maxed out a human character in that, and then got 10,000 extra XP all without acquiring a single zombie skill. Now *that's* playing as a "good" character! :^)

Paul said...

1. Favorite genre - Strategy, edging out survival horror

2. Fav game all time - Mass Effect

3. Good or Evil - Like most, good first playthrough and evil second

4. More than one game at a time - Yep, that's why I have a hard time finishing them.

5. First game you remember playing - Pitfall on the Atari 2600

6. Systems I own - NES, PS1, Xbox 360, PC

7. Online gaming? - From time-to-time

8. Release day vs. used - Release day but I really have to trade in some of my old games.

9. Console or PC? - Probably about 50-50.

10. Casual games? - I used to but realized how dumb they are and stopped.

Mike Snoonian said...

1.Favorite genre-3rd person open world games like Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption

2. The 1st Knights of the Old Republic rocked my world.

3. Good 1st time, evil the 2nd

4. One at a time

5. Boxing for the Atari 2600

6. Currently the PS3 and I'm selling my 360

7. Rarely play online-who needs to get cursed at by ADD riddled 12 year olds?

8. I will rarely buy on day one now that I have a mortgage, kid, etc. If I wait 30-45 days they're usually half off used.

9. All console, all the time.

10. Some tetris and games on my blackberry.

Chris Otto said...

1. first-person shooters
2. Zork
3. generally good, but I tend to be pragmatic about it
4. generally one at a time
5. Intellivision baseball
6. Wii, PS2
7. Nope
8. Nope. Buy about 25% new, 75% used
9. Console
10. Damn those Angry Bird!!

Atari Fan said...

I recently started playing Pac man and Ms. Pac man again on

For some reason I cant get past the 5th level.

Funny that I’m getting angry at a game thats 25 yrs old LOL!

Anybody else still got his/hers Atari? and is it still working?