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Friday, March 4, 2011


It is really, really killing me- KILLING ME UNSOFTLY- to pay as little attention as possible to news about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is a Star Wars game. It is a Star Wars game from my favorite developer. It is a Star Wars game from my favorite developer, who already made a Star Wars game that is one of my favorite games.

As it's clear that The Old Republic is like a perfect storm of my heart, why am I disregarding it so? Because it's an MMO and...meh. It's not so much that I'm a solitary gamer (though I am)- it's that there's the repeat cost thing, subscription fees. It's also that I'm afraid I'll get completely sucked in and become some tragic story on Kotaku or something: SAD WOMAN SPENDS FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS LEVELING UP, FORGETS TO EAT, DIES, IS FOUND BY NEIGHBOR HALF-EATEN BY CATS. Seriously. At least non-MMOs have an end point! The story will come to a close, and no matter how much I obsessively play, I know I'll be saved from sad death if only by the virtue of a finale.

Okay, I probably wouldn't DIE, but a neverending story is bad for me, unless of course Limahl is somehow involved.

Oh yeah, and the other big reason? I don't have a PC and my Mac is decidedly all my fretting about my sad death is fretting about something inconsequential.

The point is, I find it best to be a big baby and ignore things I want but can't have. They make it so difficult, however, when they do things like making trailers for the effing bounty hunter class. Stupid awesome-looking game! Stupid out of reach temptations! Stupid everything!


CashBailey said...

Stacie, your feelings about MMOs exactly mirror my own.

I've played a bit of WoW and quite a lot of AGE OF CONAN (being the hardcore R.E. Howard nerd that I am) and I always lose interest int hose games once I reach a point where I can no longer advance as a solo player.

And I too like to work towards an end point in a game. I don't like video games to feel like a second job.

Still, I also agree that Bioware doing a STAR WARS MMO is brain-bendingly cool. If anyone can make a full-time MMO convert out of me it would have to be them.

And Limahl, FTW.

Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

Is it just me, or has this game been in development for 42,954 years, otherwise known as forever?

Creature said...

This very issue is KILLING me. I love Bioware (replaying Jade Empire right now) and KOTOR was one of my favorite games. But I don't have a PC capable of running this and I don't play MMOs in general. Crapbutt.