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Friday, March 18, 2011

Is it just me?

I was reading an article about a man arrested for punching another man and when I noticed the attendant mugshot of said puncher...

...I immediately thought, "So that's pretty much what my Fallout 3 character would look like in real life."

I thought that because this was the hairstyle I chose for said Fallout 3 character, albeit mine was blue:



Steven said...

I love how she's just sitting there in her post-apocalyptic world with her post-apocalyptic haircut, hands crossed primly on her lap, minding her own business. There's a shattered overpass behind her and she looks like she's thinking about where to go for lunch.

In short, she is the most perfect Stacie Ponder avatar EVER.

Michael Ricketson said...

It can't just be a coincidence! That guy must be a Fallout fan, too.

Steven, you've described the avatar perfectly.

I haven't played Fallout. Maybe I should get to it...