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Monday, July 21, 2014

I am totally Destiny's child

I'm sure glad the Destiny Beta is offline for a few days, because I am having so much fun with it that I don't want to do anything else. For real! Sleeping? Pfft. Eating? Whatever. This is how people end up dead in South Korean internet caf├ęs...I need to watch out!

But there's just so much to do, even if it's a Beta. Sure, the level cap is set at a mere 8 and there are only about five story missions to play, but there's so much to see and discover that there's always something new around the corner. And since there are three classes (Titan, Hunter, and Warlock), well, I'd might as well try them all...I'm telling you, it's dangerous.

straight-up reposin'

Destiny is my first MMO and to be honest, I wasn't sure I'd dig it. I have always been a Single Player Lady, vastly preferring the story-driven experience (I'm a huge lore nerd) and the ability to explore and linger as I please to people being all up in my virtual grill. While I have soloed plenty of Destiny (it works very well as a single-player game, at least so far) I find myself loving the community and I'm endlessly entertained by the antics. The first time I saw a group of players dancing together at the Tower (the social/vendor hub), I lost my mind. ("You've never seen that? It's an MMO thing," said Travis. Suddenly I felt like Encino Man or something.) There's something really special about teaming up with a stranger for a moment in the field, simply to take down an enemy or complete a random event, before saluting each other and moving on. Again, this is old news to MMO vets, but I find it fascinating.

I'm even super into The Crucible, where all the PvP matches take place...and believe me, that's not usually my thing whatsoever. The only multiplayer I've had any enthusiasm for is that of Mass Effect 3, because it's more teamwork-based and goal-oriented beyond "kill the other players". However, I'm having a helluva good time killing the other players. My skills are quickly improving, but even when I'm consistently murdered by some opposing superstar, it's actually fun. Who knew?

Look at these badasses...that's Travis holding the flag, and me getting my face obscured by said flag.

I'm loving it all so much, in fact, that I started an online clan: Mo Glimmer, Mo Problems. Sign up and participate in the forums! You can sign up even if you're not playing Destiny, though that will certainly be a large focus of the group. Become clanmates (on PSN or XBox) with fellow members and play online together! I'm hoping folks actually join; forming fireteams is much fun and helpful for taking down the big bad guys. Might as well reap rewards with people you know!

I was a robot lady for a while

As far as my issues with the game go (story is pretty thin, context is desperately needed, the world feels sparse), I'm taking the "it's just the Beta, I'll wait and see" approach. Overall, this taste of Destiny has me even more excited for the full release on September 9th. I just hope I remember to sleep...

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