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Friday, March 2, 2012

30-Day Mass Effect Challenge: Day 8

Anything you wish they had kept from Mass Effect in Mass Effect 2?

Mako, baby, I miss you.

I loved tooling around in that frequently-frustrating thing! Ah, the exploration. Coming across all the little unexpected goodies- an abandoned dig site here, a giant skull from an unknown creature there- busting around in the Mako is part of what gives Mass Effect that true sci-fi feel. I don't know why they ditched it completely in ME2. The shuttle was handy, but it was all get in - do the mission - get out. Maybe because matters were a little more urgent and pressing in the sequel? That does not bode well for a Mako-endowed ME3, where shit is really going down RIGHT NOW. Bah!

But then they gave us that P.O.S Hammerhead and UGH- is it made out of papier-maiché? Like, three hits from a turret and it's on fire.

Another thing from Mass Effect they should have kept in the sequel: removable helmets. I miss out on some sweet bonuses (and aesthetics) because I never wear any armor with a helmet or face mask...because they never come off. It seems like a small thing to complain about, but I want to see Shepard's face in dialogue scenes. And it's flat-out ridiculous when Shepard does something like drink right through the visor.

Other than that, yeah, I miss having so many RPG elements with regard to each character. Talk about streamlining! And level caps are always a drag.

But what's past is past! Onto the future: the new launch trailer is here! I see Jack! I hear Liara! Tali seems sad! I have feelings! I don't want everyone to die!


CashBailey said...

The Mako missions are a chore, but I guess they're still better than planet mining from ME2.

Even after you upgrade your scanner to move faster it's not particularly fun.

Stacie Ponder said...

At least the views are nicer.

UntrainedMonkey said...

The launch trailer does have that "save the galaxy but at the cost of great sacrifice" feel about it. Moreso than ME2's 'suicide mission'.

I want next week to come but not if I lose everyone...

Stacie Ponder said...

I'm seriously not going to be able to handle it. :D Losing peeps that have been around since the first game? Shepard dying? UNACCEPTABLE! I'm really hoping that the "best" ending has everyone making it through. I mean, I have rachni on my side, dammit!

matango said...

Man, I am watching these trailers like they're the Zapruder film looking for flashes of characters.

Tiny short flash of Jack in this one. Short one of apparently Miranda in the Femshep one. Now I am trying to figure out who the woman at :50 in this one is (if we even seen her before).