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Friday, February 24, 2012

Where do I begin?

The other night I fired up Mass Effect to begin my super canon totally complete epic do everything ME 1 - ME 2 run in anticipation of the March 6th release of Mass Effect 3. My FemShep needs to be ready to roll for galaxy savin', you know? (OH MUH GAH I CAN'T WAIT). In fact, this run is the only thing that got me to take Skyrim out of my Xbox 360...which I think is going to be Mass Effected for a long time to come.

But when grabbing the game off the shelf I noticed that for the first time in my life, I have a stockpile of games I haven't yet played. A stockpile. This is really not like me at all- I tend to be a very...mmm, orderly gamer, I guess. I buy a game, I play it to completion, I move on to the next. Though I own several platforms, I don't ever play more than one game at a time- my brain can't handle it! Okay, maybe I could handle playing Super Mario World alongside something else, but that's because SMW doesn't require questing and thinking. The idea of trying to go at Mass Effect and Skyrim at the same time gives me hives. Some people can do it, but I cannot.

So, as Dragon Age II and then Skyrim ate up my time, unplayed games have piled up. Games I was given (how nice!) or games that I've been wanting to play forever (hello, Batman) or games that were so cheap I couldn't resist (hi there, Enslaved brand new for $8) have been waiting for me to recover from my BioWare/Bethesda sickness.

Will that day ever come? I don't know, but here's what's waiting for me, should I pull through:

I don't even know where to start in all that. I just hope to play them all before I croak!

What about you? Do you play more than one game at a time? Anything sitting around neglected, waiting for you to play it?


Sling Khidorah said...

Same here. Once I start a game, I have to play it all the way through without the distractions of other, possibly better titles. It took me roughly 200 hours to get through the Digital Devil Saga games for the PS2 and even though I had Dragon Age: Origins sitting on my desk, I just couldn't break away.

As for which games currently sit on my desk, I'll need to get a pen and some paper...

CashBailey said...

I found myself with a definite case of 'SKYRIM fatigue' after a while and that's how I finally got around to pushing through ME2.

I tend to have two or three games on the boil at any one time. I try not to get too backed up.

DonsSword said...

I used to play 2 to 3 games at a time. A multiplayer online FPS, a puzzle game, and an horror or adventure title. The kids were young, and the hours between 11 PM and 2 AM were "me" time.

Then the kids got older, I started bargain hunting more (love clearance sales), and delaying my purchases to get the best price. Then my kids got old enough to game, I started migrating a lot of my collection from the PS2 to the Gamecube, and started buying games for them that I would never play myself. And that's when the backup started. I probably have at least 60 games I want to play across several platforms, or games put away for the kids to play later at a later time. Its so hard to pass up a game on clearance for $9.00. And now its hard to deep dive into any game that takes more than 8 hours to finish.

I have a huge PS2 backlog, and my Wii backlog is starting to pile up. So sad.

Stacie Ponder said...

I can only imagine how tough it is to find time to game when there are kids in the house!

At least I can take consolation that it'll be a long time before I ever find myself saying "Man, I don't have anything to play..."

kluzehellion said...

You really have to give Enslaved a try. Got it for cheap as well. This game is sooooooo good. Good story, controls you'll have to get used to,... but overall I LOVED THIS GAME. Totally underrated. I think you'll love it.

Following you on the Mass Effect challenge, and getting ready for Mass Effect 3. Anyways love your blog. Keep up the writing!

Stacie Ponder said...

Thank you! I've heard really great things about Enslaved- that it was criminally overlooked, so I think it'll definitely be next on my play list after my Mass Effect madness dies down a bit. :D