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Monday, July 18, 2011

disingenuous assertions

In Mass Effect, my canon Shepard is a Paragon- you know, the hero who saves the day. Sure, along the way she gets drunk frequently and won't hesitate to punch out a reporter or two, but generally she's a good guy (or girl, whatever).

Once in a while I do a Renegade run with a male Shepard, and I'm always shocked at what an asshole Shep can be when you choose...well, the asshole replies. Though I vastly prefer the game's female-flavored voice acting to the male, I've never done a Renegade female Shepard. After watching this hilarious video, though, I think it might be time to do it.


CashBailey said...

I just bought ME2 on sale. Playing through the opening at the moment.

Yes, I'm afraid 'Late to the Party' is my middle name.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

"How about goodbye?" is the best parting shot since "SEE YOU AT THE PARTY, RICHTER!"

gord said...

That was amazing.

I'm still so torn with playing the ME games full renegade because I remember in the KOTOR games, being evil often meant just ignoring people's problems and losing out on sidequests and dialogue branches.

Maybe the ME games have changed that, but I'm still more about experiencing every part of the game and it often seems playing renegade shuts too many doors.

matango said...

Paul, I prefer Mad Magazine's (I think it was theirs) version:

Richter: "You wouldn't kill an unarmed man."

Arnie: "No, but that won't stop me from disarming you a little more."