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Monday, June 13, 2011

what a shock, more art

All the E3 talk about Mass Effect 3 got me playing Mass Effect 2. All the playing of Mass Effect 2 got me drawing some character cards. SURPRISE.

Okay, so I'm only just now getting the appeal of Thane. In other news, Aria T'Loak is rad and should totally be a squadmate in ME3. Also, go for the optics, Chiktikka.

I also made this comic because...well, I love how Shepard does nothing but loot dead bodies and steal from people who are, like, standing there watching, but then on Omega she gets all uppity and all "EFF YOU, LOOTERS". That Shepard, such a charming hypocrite!

Click to embiggen.

Oh, and then all this Mass Effect art got me wanting to do some Dragon Age art, so, you know. Flemeth. Leliana...err, Sister Nightingale, kicking ass for the Maker!


Joanne said...

So adorable!!! Love all of it! Especially the one w aria and leliana!! Aria should totally be a squadmate because she is badass! Even better a LI. (Cant be greedy but a girl could dream.) your shep comic is funny! My shep did the samething and I always wonder, where did she put all these things?? Ha

Anonymous said...

I just finished ME2 and I thought it was great. I'm giving DA2 the edge over it, but not by much :) FLEMETH!!

Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

That picture of Thane is awesomely adorable.