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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What, no ILLBLEED?

Via Kotaku, here's a big-n-handy chart listing a whole messa scary, horror, and mindfuck video games across multiple platforms.

Sure, it's horribly (HORRIBLY I SAY) out of date- last updated June 2009- but it's still a terrific resource for those of us who dig it when horror and video games hang out together.

I've played most everything on there that's not a PC title, although I'm still a bit desperate to get my mitts on a copy of Rule of Rose.


stonerphonic said...

L.. S.. D..

nom nom nom

that graphic blew the fuck outta my mind and the goddamn 7" netbook screen.


CashBailey said...

They missed the Victoria McPherson horror adventures STILL LIFE and STILL LIFE 2. As well as their predecessor POST MORTEM.

I'm so old-school I still love the 'point and click' adventure games. But they don't make them so much anymore unless they're those really shoddy ones made in the Ukraine.